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I am someone who is naturally ‘voluptuous’ and has a very curvy physique. In the past couple of years, I went through some health issues (a leg problem that made it impossible to exercise) and emotional issues (recovering from both childhood sexual abuse & sexual assault & also finally accepting my sexuality as a bi woman who grew up in a homophobic society.) that led to me gaining about twenty pounds.

I think that as black women, a lot of the time, our weight gain issues stem from a variety of psychological issues since we have to deal with ‘two strikes against us’ ie: living both as a woman and as a black person- with no one to stand up for us but ourselves.

Well, a few months ago, I decided not to wait to be at the size & physique I want before I look for love.

It has also been effective in bringing together people of different religions, such as Christians, Jews, Muslims and Catholics, to name a few.

You can make a quick search from the Home page by entering your details and the type of person you are looking for, such as Black, White, Asian, Latino or simply ‘Any’ and you can start browsing through the hundreds of profiles on the site.

In the following screen, you can join either using your username or Facebook.

The third screen asks you to fill in some personal information, like your date of birth, your location, and a few lines that describe you best.

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