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In September 2012, EZwolf recorded a Furry Gangnam Style video with Noodles, White Shadow Fox and Shivon.

In December 2012, Room 366 released a XXX-Mas Special, produced by Reeve and EZwolf and directed by Shay.

They found some aspect of childhood, such as cartoon characters or stuffed animals, to be comforting, and this appreciation continued on into their adult lives.

The fandom gave them a safe venue in which to express themselves and to feel accepted by others who feel similarly.

Two weeks ago, guests at a Hyatt Hotel in suburban Chicago noticed a strange smell coming from the ninth floor.

First responders discovered a high level of chlorine gas in the air.

Hotel guests were given an all-clear from the police and were allowed to re-enter the hotel a few hours later, but not before local news affiliates showed up and filmed dozens of people in large furry animal suits prancing about on the sidewalk, playing in drum circles, cuddling up together for warmth, and taking selfies with police officers.

Lost tells the story of a young fox searching for stability in his chaotic life, has a high production value and was praised for its cinematographic quality.And many in the furry community believe they were the targets.They've been around since the '80s, but are still one of the most misunderstood American subcultures.Furries are a group of individuals who use an animal or anthropomorphic being as an online persona.There are many subcategories of furry, such as scaly and feathery, which mainly rely off which type of animal a person has chosen to associate with.

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In fact, she saw nothing sexual at the whole convention except some erotic anthropomorphized fan art that was on sale.

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