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Birth Name: William Alexander Abbott Date of Birth: October 2, 1897 Place of Birth: Asbury Park, New Jersey, U. Date of Death: April 24, 1974 Place of Death: Woodland Hills, California, U. Ethnicity: *English, possibly Welsh, and other (father) *German [likely German Jewish] (mother) Bud Abbott was an American actor, producer, and comedian.

‎‎; born January 24, 1986), is an Israeli-American actor and musician.After all, both came from rich Jewish-American East Coast families.Photographer Linda Eastman, who Mc Cartney married in 1969, was the daughter of wealthy New York showbusiness lawyer Lee Eastman — who later managed Paul’s career.The 57-venue worldwide concert tour is expected to gross more than 5 million.There are 19 dates remaining in the United States with the Albany concert kicking off the final leg of the tour.

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