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Seeking therapy takes courage - and getting help is a sign of strength and resilience.I utilize evidence-based approaches for the treatment of depression, anxiety, challenging interpersonal relationships, difficult life transitions, as well as sex therapy.""Jason Phelps is a licensed social worker, psychotherapist practicing psychotherapy in Montreal, trained at Mc Gill University in the art of counselling and psychotherapy.How to use the Montreal Phone Number : Just dial (514) 600-1119 and you will be connected right away.Unlike a regular 900 number this one can be called from a cell phone.If you filed your application online, you can consult the processing status using the Checking application status online service. Note that you can use our interactive voice response system at any time to obtain general information. Service counter, ground floor 2050, rue De Bleury, RC Montréal (Québec) H3A 2J5 (métro Place-des-Arts) Maps of service centre Business hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: a.m. Given the risk associated with providing personal or confidential information by email, the Directeur de l'état civil protects your identity by not emailing any information on the processing of an application for a certificate or copy of an act. For the same reason, we do not accept emailed applications for a certificate or copy of an act. 418 644-4545 514 644-4545 1 877 644-4545 (toll free) 1 800 361-9596 Top of page Each of these offices has qualified staff that are able to assist you.

La Presse is not naming the town because it is so small - many of the accused, as well as the victims, are underage and to name the place may lead to them being identified.

The charges will be put on your next mobile phone bill.

For information on your application or for general information on services provided by the Directeur de l'état civil, please contact us. If you wish to obtain information on the processing status of an application, you must be the person who filed the application, and you must contact us by phone or go to one of the Directeur de l'état civil service counters.

♡ Sustainability Action Fund (SAF) SAF was founded in 2007 to help fund projects that contribute towards making Concordia University one of the most sustainable campuses in Canada.

Since its inception, it has awarded over 0,000 to help do that, funding projects as diverse as banning bottled water on campus, sustaining the Greenhouse through its formative years, supporting a shift in Concordia’s food system, and supporting sustainable business initiatives.

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