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My fiancé is a total Mexican restaurant food snob, which can be both a blessing and curse.

NY Minute Dating organizes fun and exciting speed dating events for single New York men and women.In many species, chromosome condensation requires two proteinaceous factors, DNA topoisomerase II and condensin.Inactivation of either factor by a gene mutation or knockdown results in chromosome condensation defects and ultimately chromosome missegregation, demonstrating that mitotic condensation is a prerequisite for faithful segregation of chromosomes. Has your perspective on plastic surgery changed over the years? We got up close and personal with hot model and Peruvian chef Franco Noriega of Baby Brasa in New York City to talk about how he embraces his inner bruja and what it's like for Latinos living in two worlds in the United States. Dive into this little debate from two women who have had super distinct experiences in dating Latino and non-Latino men. We share some of our personal experiences with plastic surgery and confess our insecurities.

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