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Each of the machines in the network runs its own vendor-supplied version of the UNIX operating system, with appropriate kernel and user-space extensions as necessary.The presence of UNIX on all of these machines has made possible the creation of a common user interface, so that despite the obvious hardware differences, users can freely move among the different machines of the NPSN without being confronted with entirely different software environments.Today, this computational complex is officially known as the Numerical Aerodynamic Simulator Processing System Network, otherwise known as the NPSN.The assorted machines in this network are of varying manufacture, and (as of the time of this writing) include Digital Equipment Corporation VAXes, Silicon Graphics Irises, large Amdahl 5840 mainframes, and a Cray Research Incorporated CRAY-2.You will need the nqgenoldverrpd utility which is part of the Administration Tool installation and can be found in the below path: There is also a -F which will force the downgrade process to clear any expressions that cannot be downgraded. I’m getting the below error while doing this: Reading /obiee/obiee/Downloads/OTHERS/Fusion_Admin.rpd…The following example will downgrade an RPD on your desktop with password Admin123 and save it to a new RPD file on your desktop. The following repository cannot be opened: /obiee/obiee/Downloads/OTHERS/Fusion_I’m trying to downgrade it from 329 to 326. I’m getting the following error- The following repositort cannot be opened Command which im giving is – nqgenoldverrpd -P password -I -O -V 326 In cmd, I looked for infor about nqgenoldverrpd .This isn’t true for all version, but from my test the below major versions worked for the downgrade process: To downgrade the RPD file you’ll need to use an Admin Tool version that can open the file.Carrying on our example, we’ll need to use the Admin Tool.

Where the metadata for each installed BI instance is stored.

This paper describes the implementation of a networked, UNIX based queueing system developed for a government contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The system discussed supports both batch and device requests, and provides the facilities of remote queueing, request routing, remote status, queue access controls, batch request resource quota limits, and remote output return.

Hi Arslan, You’re not giving us much to go on there.

Under the covers there are a lot of changes to OBIEE 12c, not least of which is the locations of the various files used by OBIEE.

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