Affairs dating married men advice

It would be easier for you to stop meeting him if you met another man, but I know how difficult it is to be stuck in a situation like this.

You have proved to be a woman with strong feelings who can become very attached to a man.

And it's toxic because the pain is building inside you and is not getting less any day. You cannot suddenly tell your man to leave her now and marry you. But of course, you could and you should control your own action and behaviour, that is to make him make a choice.

Nothing says that you would not be able to fall in love with another man, who could give you a happier life.

It is easier to find another man when you are 32 rather than later on in life, so, from this point of view, it would be better if you started searching for a new man for your future as soon as possible.

Paulette Sherman, psychologist, author of and director of My Dating & Relationship School.

The problem is that men are less likely than women to express these feelings, so you won't always know when your guy is in need of a little affirmation.

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