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Foundations and principles of those ancient civilizations are the best techniques to conclude a better way of living & basing our future. Persia was a power house of academic knowledge in ancient times.The origin of human civilizations and agriculture is of course much older than the documentation in the form of inscriptions and bas-reliefs or tombs can tell us. The research in front of you is the most accurate, up-to-date and scientific document according to the latest archeological and historical discoveries and evidence of the ancient history. They were leaders in astronomy, medicine, mathematics, literature and philosophy.The ongoing and intensifying conflict in Iraq has fallen – at least in part – along sectarian lines, with the Sunni Muslim militant group ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) advancing against the Shia Muslim-led Iraqi government and Shia militias.Sectarian affiliation has played a role in the politics of the region for hundreds of years.Plus, you can read, search, enlarge, and print the book right off your computer or i Pad®.

After the Reformation, ciboria became larger and gradually acquired their present rounded form.The few available survey measures of religious identity in Iraq suggest that about half the country is Shia.Surveys by ABC News found between 47% and 51% of the country identifying as Shia between 20, and a Pew Research survey conducted in Iraq in late 2011 found that 51% of Iraqi Muslims said they were Shia (compared with 42% saying they were Sunni).He had a thunderous voice, legs to walk with on the garden of Eden, and other bodily parts that we don’t need to mention here, lest some people might feel offended. Also, humanity as a whole did not switch to the notion “one God” suddenly, 4,000 years ago; the Jews were but a minute percent of the entire human population (they still are), and it took the Christian religion and its adoption in Europe, and a bit later the Islamic religion and its adoption in the Arabic world, for the concept “one God” to take off.Even today, people in the most populous nation, China, do not believe in a monotheistic God, creator of the universe.

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