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In 1998 she was offered an assistant Vice President position at Warner Bros. Denyce was also an Assistant Junior Publicist at 20th Century Fox Films.

With limited experience and opportunities, Denyce participated in several Theatrical Plays as well as the famous Shakespeare In The Park Company.

Sounds simple enough; yet it becomes one of the most complicated journeys of all time for the two friends.

Bunny (Angell Conwell) and Carlyle (Lyriq Bent) are roommates and have been best friends since college.

Style of "business" clothing was way too tight and for supposedly being an "executive" just made her look cheap.

The story itself was lame, not only keeping the wives guessing about their husbands but the audience who had to suffer thru watching this, really?

Other film credits include the films Soul Plane, Go for Broke, and It Ain`t Easy.The script with its cheap wannabe gangster slang and F bombs being throw all over the place.Poor sound, I think the mic was under the bed most of the time.Jonathan started his early career acting in the early 1990s and has had two main roles in two series; City Guys as Jamal Grant, and What I Like About You opposite Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth as Holly's best friend, Gary Thorpe.Jonathan landed his first job in a music video for Melissa Manchester. Jonathan has starred, co-starred, or made guest appearances in several movies and television shows including: Sister, Sister, Moesha, Boy Meets World, Smart Guy, Thea, Baywatch, A Different World, Boston Public, Crossover, National Lampoon's Bag Boy, Divine Intervention (2007 film), Roll Bounce, and the 2009 film Speed-Dating.

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