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But in this case, she's fantastic." (Photo Credit: Getty Images) The actor also shared a surprising fact about his own dating history."When I was 19, I was going out with a 32-year-old," he said. AISFF Class : Look into the Scriptwriting (Presenter SIMON LEE, LUCY ROY-KYOUNG CHUN, HAN JUN-HEE) 2. THE COLLECTIONS FROM SHORT SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL & ASIA 1. If your browser does not accept cookies, you cannot view this site.

However, recent evidence indicates that training alone does not ensure better case management and, even after training, it may be difficult to incorporate new knowledge into practice.

Hostel East 57 is in a family friendly neighborhood with many restaurants nearby.

We stayed about a week in a Japanese style room in the annex a few blocks from the main East 57.

CHOI DONG-HOON(Director / Korea) ANDREW MASON(Producer / Australia) LEE JIN-SOOK(CEO of Filmmaker Harbin / Korea) SIMON LEE(Managing Director of CGV Arthouse / Korea) LISA OGDIE(Programmer/ United States) CHO JIN-WOONG(Movie Actor / Korea) LEE JOO-WON(Movie Actor / Korea) Screening 5 sections 1. AISFF FUND PROJECT PITCHING 2016 * Asiana International Short Film Festival provides the license fees separately for ‘In the Air Program’, namely in-flight screenings in Asiana. Master Class : Magician of Cuts, editing director Steve M. Cinema Talk: Looking into “Xavier Dolan” in Short Films PARK Chan-wook (Director/Korea) Taka ICHISE (Producer/Japan) Ludmila CVIKOVA (Programmer/Netherland) KANG Hye-jung (CEO of Filmmaker R&K/Korea) KIM Ji-yong (Director/Korea) JUNG Woo-sung (Actor/Korea) OH Yoo-jin (Actress/Korea) 1. (Presenter-MOON So-ri) 제작, 상영, 배급을 아우르는 One-Stop 프로그램인 ‘AISFF Fund Project – 아시프 펀드 프로젝트’를 처음으로 실행하여 단순히 영화제 개최만이 아닌 국내 유능한 단편영화 감독의 차기작을 발굴하고 대안적인 단편영화를 위해 제작과정은 물론 상영배급에 이르기까지 새로운 전환을 마련하고자 노력했고 또한 아시아나국제단편영화제만의 독특한 특징인 ‘세계 최초 기내영화제’를 상영, 또 다른 배급활로를 모색했다.

AISFF Rendezvous with Andrew MASON (Presenter ANDREW MASON) 3. THE COLLECTIONS FROM SHORT SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL & ASIA 1. AISFF Rendezvous : Our Stories in Films (Presenter ZHANG Lu, MOON So-ri ) 4.

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