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Spent the last 20 mins with customer support trying to figure this out. :)The email address an invoice is sent to is 'fixed' at the time the invoice is created. Ask me to send all invoices to this address from now on.3.) I delete old email address in client info, enter new address and save it. Anyway, if you have this issue, and have clients (like me) who need several reminders before they pay their bills, try to keep track (somehow) of who's email address has changed in recent months, and work out if the invoice you're re-sending was created before or after this change.So, here's the scenario I've encountered:1.) create invoice. re-send invoices as a batch.4.) receive no reply, eventually speak to client who asks me again to re-send emails to new address they've already given to me weeks ago.5.) I go back to client info, where it clearly already shows the new address. Then remember to manually update the email address each time before sending.When I check in the Customer Info page, though- the new address is already there, with no other addresses to be found. Note: I'm not sure if this has also happened when sending from an individual invoice.And yes, I hit 'Save' after updating customer details.The new info is clearly stored as I can see it when I go look.I have come back to answer my own question- in case others have this issue. The inform me they've changed their email address and give me the new one.While you can use a single email address when signing up for multiple Slack teams, the settings for each team are separate.

But don't worry, you can still change your email address!More information about this setting can be found here.When you update the email address attached to your account, we’ll send you an email asking you to confirm the change.After registering with Insightly, you'll use your email address as your user ID for signing in.If your email address changes, your Insightly administrator can update the address/user ID for Insightly from the System Settings A notification email will be sent to the user at the old and new email addresses.

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