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Today magician and stuntman David Blaine embarks on his latest trick.

"We think that we can't live without our phone for a week, we can't live without reading the gossip column, we can't live without food, or sex. I don't believe in any of that, I think that we are all capable survivors."For his next trick, Blaine has come to London where, starting on September 5, he will spend 44 days inside a Plexiglas box suspended over the River Thames at Tower Bridge, an event that will be filmed by both Sky Television and Channel 4. A human being can be killed so easily." Or when he talks about his dream stunt: to survive being shot at. But look, David, we're not really here to talk about how great the sweet potato ravioli at Babbo is, are we? "Yep."So it's time to get back in the box, which will be suspended 25 ft above the Thames and clearly visible to passers by on Tower Bridge for the duration of his six-week hunger strike. It came down from a point somewhere and I was instructed that this was the right thing for me to do."A higher calling? But I think our heads are like antennae."Ice coffins, hurling himself off poles, incarceration inside a glass box, taking a bullet; it all sounds like an elaborate death wish, a macabre dance with mortality."No," says Blaine. That would be, like, a glamorous way to die."Blaine was raised by his mother in Brooklyn.Blaine will have no food: his only means of sustenance will be water delivered by a feeding tube. "If you come along," says Blaine, "I will remember you and you will notice that I notice you."What will he do, wave? Blaine then orders a steak sandwich and a double portion of chips - "I need to bulk up" - before stretching out on the hotel's library sofa like a great big cat and fixing me with an unwavering stare, clearly meant to unnerve. With his mixed Russian/Jewish/ Italian/Puerto Rican heritage, he has the same kind of exotic racial anonymity as Ali G and, funnily enough, there are moments when he sounds like him, too. Lucky, then, that Blaine is tall and deep-chested, with the slow heart rate of a great athlete and is in superb physical condition for the rigours ahead. According to the Blaine legend, she worked at three jobs in order to send her only child to a good school, and mother and son enjoyed a close and happy relationship.He will be fitted with a catheter and the only baggage he will take with him will be a backpack containing "diapers, Wet Wipes and lip balm". Blaine shudders at the thought of doing something so everyday. "And you will see."He predicts that he will lose 50 to 55 pounds in weight during this 1056-hour marathon, a better result than any Atkins devotee could ever hope for."I think the Atkins' diet is disgusting," he growls, suddenly and unexpectedly. He is a handsome man of considerable charm when he feels like it, but is prone to bullying and irritation when he doesn't."Read a passage from this book," he commands at one point. That is assuming that the stunt is as advertised, of course. His father, a Vietnam veteran, abandoned the family when David was three.Born as David Blaine White to school teacher Patrice Maureen White and a veteran William Perez of the Vietnam War.His mother was of Russian Jewish ancestry and his father was half Puerto Rican and half Italian descent.

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The couple has been engaged for several years and has been blessed with one daughter, Dessa.

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