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This article requires knowledge of the Fire DAC basics and of the main library APIs.For beginners, we suggest starting from the Getting Started article and looking into the Fire DAC\Samples\Getting Started\SQLite demo.Now that Oracle Database has been officially released, I can finally start sharing more technical details on how Oracle Database In-Memory (Database In-Memory) works. Oracle Database In-Memory is not a bolt on technology to the Oracle Database.I thought we should start this series of posts right at the very beginning by answering the most fundamental question, how and when is Database In-Memory installed and enabled. It has been seamlessly integrated into the core of the database as a new component of the Shared Global Area (SGA). The more important question is if In-Memory is automatically enabled or not?Some of these methods retain some degree of automation.

For more information on unsupported SQL Server features, see Unsupported SQL Server Features for In-Memory OLTP.The memory structures that must be managed are the system global area (SGA) and the instance program global area (instance PGA).Oracle Database supports various memory management methods, which are chosen by initialization parameter settings.Data in the IM column store does not reside in the traditional row format used by the Oracle Database; instead it uses a new column format.The size of the IM column store is controlled by the parameter is set to 0 and therefore Database In-Memory is not enabled, as there is no IM column store allocated.

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This capability is referred to as If you prefer to exercise more direct control over the sizes of individual memory components, you can disable automatic memory management and configure the database for manual memory management.

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